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Developing Long/Short ETF Strategies

Recently I have been working on the problem of how to construct large portfolios of cointegrated securities.  My focus has been on ETFs rather that stocks, although in principle the methodology applies equally well to either, of course. My preference … Continue reading

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Successful Statistical Arbitrage

I tend not to get involved in Q&A with readers of my blog, or with investors.  I am at a point in my life where I spend my time mostly doing what I want to do, rather than what other … Continue reading

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ETF Pairs Trading with the Kalman Filter

I was asked by a reader if I could illustrate the application of the Kalman Filter technique described in my previous post with an example. Let’s take the ETF pair AGG IEF, using daily data from Jan 2006 to Feb 2015 … Continue reading

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Developing Statistical Arbitrage Strategies Using Cointegration

In his latest book (Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and their Rationale, Wiley, 2013) Ernie Chan does an excellent job of setting out the procedures for developing statistical arbitrage strategies using cointegration.  In such mean-reverting strategies, long positions are taken in … Continue reading

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The Correlation Signal

The use of correlations is widespread in investment management theory and practice, from the construction of portfolios to the design of hedge trades to statistical arbitrage strategies. A common difficulty encountered in all of these applications is the variation in … Continue reading

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Volatility Forecasting in Emerging Markets

The great majority of empirical studies have focused on asset markets in the US and other developed economies.   The purpose of this research is to determine to what extent the findings of other researchers in relation to the characteristics of … Continue reading

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Modeling Asset Volatility

I am planning a series of posts on the subject of asset volatility and option pricing and thought I would begin with a survey of some of the central ideas. The attached presentation on Modeling Asset Volatility sets out the foundation … Continue reading

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